Review Barska NVX-300 �}����\�k65�l\#��ks̵ͮ>ZYڅ�N[�ỏ��ٹ�1���\���ٹF1���\�� 'k�ҷmϾGA��\��k}f��/���\#�k�צ�s+��}�����ɷ�:B��U3�j�e�w��s�4�{�ȿ��}~�������%2>p�Qd�r�C���! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Post questions, comments, reviews or errors in the comment box below. Use Zoom and IR button to increase/decrease the TFT brightness. Zoom: Under Menu mode: Press Zoom to go up. bUP�B{Mh� H8AB{Nh� �;��'���v���ځB{Ph NĢ���{�d�r�M���O��!�4�r�}Ȑ���r��c�5w@C�95�f'D�@4o���Nx;#�}�����l����f�����������m?u�x�nsb�����v�������:��v�������ͻ��]�n��]>�_n~������x�J��ۇ��p=J_�n�YZ���ӭp������ټ�����]7��7���{�����v�I/A���"�?�^�����[�����]�������k����~���w6pj{|�ؼ�]�#��8���'�b6c6bV���O�S�O�S�O&�:�$���j�MX�5�o,Ӏ�|�U/,� On Windows, navigate to your File Explorer. Press the Mode button to switch modes - the night vision four modes are Photo, Video, Gallery and Setting. OK: - In Photo mode, OK takes a photo - In Video mode, OK starts and stop the video recording - In Gallery / Setting mode, press OK to select options – for example, start playing a recorded video or to select an option from the menu. "UP��Lt� T�*HUA� To start recording, press the OK button. 0 �(��Ǣ�bB��&���ËxEx6 �����,���&�rklE�dܠ� �dT$mP�І_jE(Qg�ʌ��0���������Y�b)��{��N��؄y� �|�0��)��o` Date/Time Tag: ON/OFF Date and Time information on the Photos/Videos Version: Display software version installed. {������t�O߃>s9�3W���Y=�e+;k+��dg�dv�NvԬ��x��ǛnU��o�U6�*~���1�x� oɆ�d�[�1��d�u�u�u�u���~�;`�h�����R� Change the brightness of the screen. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! o�"E�`�I Xĥ�b� )$0�������ZT��8�!5�{V�RD-�M�!�|D�U�15D�Ѥ�#V��!�x �&>�4bkH/� ��S�tQ/ =\e�q��P�UfA����:p��B sk�x=��K,)�Znb�e㥗�\LG�R�m,�?K3�aKs�H��QsH�ܧ��X�q��f��0$d�*�4�#!s��'���4��� s��C!j�9x6�C1� �@g`��Q�<9�h��,�H� �b���d�=�ZY�"���J�N��H�n���35cmH���L͆�*5�q�f�F*5H���G�Łd�x��[�6NQ�3s,��dƲ�Wx��� �vw��'����)�&������cDBfs�����(�§�U0 �������o�������������_/��C&d���C|��! Products must be packed carefully and sturdily to prevent damage in transit, and returned freight prepaid to: BARSKA® OPTICS Repair Department 855 Towne Center Drive Pomona, CA 91767 For additional and updated information please visit our website at Please email or call 1-888-666-6769 for Return Merchandise Number (RMA#) before any returns. There are 3 brightness setting. This product will either be replaced or repaired at the discretion of the warrantor. pick this up at menards for $99.99and went outin my backyard to see what i could see No. This warranty supersedes all previous BARSKA® Optics warranties. Press OK to save 2 3, 7. )X@(Ce�,L. The NVX300 also allows the user to capture both images and video for later viewing on a … Please Wait " + counter.toString() + " seconds. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for BARSKA Night Vision Nvx300 Infrared Illuminator Digital Binoculars, Black, Model:BQ13374 at Night Vision NVX300 Infrared Illuminator Digital Binoculars . Please Wait 10 seconds. Using the supplied USB cable, connect your PC to the night vision. Display information 1. Video will save automatically onto the Micro SD memory card. In the event of a defect within 30 days, the consumer must return the defective unit to the BARSKA dealer (the place of purchase) at his/her own expense. When the night vision is turned off, plug it into your PC. Operating night vision at night may have LCD brightness to bright issue, use intensity button for adjusting LCD brightness easily. - Please make sure to use only alkaline AA batteries. Binoculars Barska NVX300 Quick Start Manual 4 pages. 10x25 wp blackhawk series monocular (1 page) Summary of Contents for Barska NVX100. Barska manuals ManualsLib has more than 81 Barska manuals . Manual Barska BQ13374. To stop recording, press the OK button again. $M K �2;9�����@�D�Z �:�p"�Q�HeTG&2ő�DFmx"�Q���`T�axp��,c�����_���/�//�_~�z�g^������F7���n|p���r�?-���_�����]�����ǵ�k[W[�~\1Q�kYWZ��� "eM�����U�]\�����?��~��ů�`�@�����m�*�ee�o�=T[ݷ��Zs�v��U}�U_W�uW���uG}������[�m@�Z�n�δ��A/��%�{��.��'b��]i+8|��}[�0#,�f|W�y��{�e�w��Z��m[���Q�c����ی�V}������������w�����FA� Under Photo and Video Mode, press Zoom to zoom in at multiple levels. Focus Adjustment: Focus the picture by turning the focus wheel clockwise or anti-clockwise 8.

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